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Q. What’s the best way to layer my skincare?

A. Always apply the most active product first, so it can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin more effectively. We recommend cleansing daily and gently exfoliating twice a week. Gently pat your skin dry and apply a light mist of toner. Next, apply eye crème followed by either rosehip oil or serum, and finish off with . For  a deep cleanse and an extra-special treat, apply a clay masque to your skin once a week to leave your skin feeling refreshed

Q. I have oily skin. Should I really put oil on my face?

A. Yes. Essano Rosehip Oil is super-lightweight and has a similar pH level to your skin. It’s absorbed easily and doesn’t leave an oily residue or clog your pores, and can even help balance your skin’s own oil production. For oily skin or those prone to breakouts, try our Clear Complexion range which supports healthy, blemish-free skin.

Q. When should I use serum rather than rosehip oil?

Our Collagen Repair Serum is scientifically-formulated with the added wonder ingredient of plant peptides, which stimulates collagen production by repairing and protecting the epidermal layer of your skin. This product is perfect if you want to specifically target wrinkles or the prevention of wrinkles, and promote smoother, more youthful skin. Because it’s a serum, it absorbs quickly into your skin and is perfect to layer under your usual skincare or cosmetic products, day or night.

Our Rosehip Oil + Antioxidant is a pure, certified-organic natural oil that’s packed with skin-loving essential fatty acids and nutrients. It’s a bit of a wonder product because, not only can it be used as a facial treatment, it can also be used on the body and is proven to be effective in minimising the appearance of, scars, stretch marks and sun damage. Use it day or night

Q. How do I use Essano Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip Oil is rich in antioxidants, and clinically-proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, scars, stretch marks and sun damage. Rosehip oil feeds your skin essential nutrients, providing ultimate moisturisation to renew and restore firmness, elasticity and radiance.

Essano Rosehip Oil has multiple uses. For application to your face, use after cleansing. Warm 2-3 drops between your fingers and massage gently into your skin. Follow with your regular moisturising products. Alternatively, mix 2-3 drops with your moisturiser before applying to your face, neck and décolletage. You can also use a few drops on any problem areas such as pigmentation, scars, stretch marks or sun damage.

Q. Can I use Essano products while I am pregnant?

Yes! The entire Essano range is suitable for use while you are pregnant. None of our products contain harsh chemicals; our Rosehip Oil and our certified-organic body oil products are perfect for your stretching baby bump too!

Q. Can I use Essano Rosehip Oil on my children?

A. Absolutely – it’s safe to use on the whole family.


Q. Who is the Clear Complexion range designed for?

The range is designed for anyone with problem skin using calming ingredients like Probiotics and Bio-D-Tox to help balance reactive and inflamed skin. The products work for both men and women of all ages using natural and effective formulation.


Q. Why is argan oil good for your hair?

A. Moroccan argan oil is also known as ‘liquid gold’, This exotic natural oil is full of essential vitamins such as vitamin E and omega 3 and 6, which nourish dry, stressed hair by infusing it with moisture and restoring its shine.

Q. Why is coconut milk good for your hair?

A. Coconut milk infuses your hair with moisture from root to tip. It has also traditionally been used to treat thinning hair, and naturally adds volume to limp, fine hair while conditioning and detangling. It is full of vitamins B, C and E, not to mention omega 6 and essential minerals such as magnesium and iron, which all add up to a powerful natural concoction perfect for any hair type.

Q. Why is keratin good for your hair?

A. Your hair is actually made of keratin, so using a product that has keratin in it helps to create smooth, hydrated hair, naturally. Keratin-based products are perfect for frizzy, unruly hair.

Q. What does low-foam sulphate-free shampoo mean?

A. Essano shampoo is a natural formulation that doesn’t contain sulphates. Sulphates are a chemical foaming agent. They are a known skin irritant, dry out the hair, and can cause split ends and long-term damage. Essano shampoo contains an effective yet gentle cleansing ingredient which is only found in professional-grade salon shampoos, selected due to its high quality and effective action.

Q. I use heat styling tools. How can I avoid damaging my hair?

A. Use a few drops of Argan Oil Hair Recovery Serum on damp hair before using heated tools or a hair dryer. For an extra luxurious hair treatment, add a few extra drops of Argan Oil Hair Recovery Serum to your Essano conditioner to create a deep-conditioning treatment mask. Leave it on your locks for 10-20 minutes before rinsing and styling as usual.


Q. Lots of brands make ‘natural’ claims. What makes Essano different?

A. Essano refuses to use harsh chemicals in any of our products, plus third-party organic certification proves our natural-first endeavours. To date, 13 of our products have been certified organic by French company EcoCert, the largest organic inspection and certification company worldwide. The rest of our skin and hair care ranges are also formulated with lots of organic goodness in line with the EcoCert standard.

Q. Essano is free from parabens, ethoxylates and phthalates. What does that mean?

A. Parabens, ethoxylates and phthalate are three harsh chemicals that you’ll never find in Essano products. Parabens are preservatives that have been proven to mess with estrogen levels. Ethoxylates are industrial ethylene oxide added to alcohol in products. Phthalates are found hidden in fragrances and have been linked to types of cancers. Sound scary? It is.

Q. Do you use preservatives in your products?

A. Products made with the addition of water (like creams and lotions) require a preservative system to protect against yeasts, moulds and bacteria. This ensures the safety of these products for human health. Essano is unique to other natural brands in that we only use certified-organic preservatives that have been approved by EcoCert.

Q. Fragrance is listed as an ingredient in Essano products. What fragrances do you use?

A. Our Certified-Organic Rosehip Oil and our Visible Lift Eye Cream are both fragrance-free. The other products in our range are made using fragrances that are proven to be safe and non-toxic for your skin, without any harmful chemicals such as phthalates.

Q. Are your products cruelty-free?

A. We love treating humans to beautiful products, but we also love animals. We don’t test any of our products on our furry friends, and no animals are harmed in any the production of any of our products or ingredients.

Q. Do you use microbeads in any of your products?

A. No, we do not use microbeads in any of our products. The Gentle Facial Exfoliator contains tiny rosehip bio-exfoliating granules (crushed rosehip seeds)while our body scrub uses crushed coconut shell to gently exfoliate your skin


Q. Where can I buy Essano products from?

A.Buying beautiful, premium beauty products is now as easy as popping your favourite Essano™ products into your trolley with your weekly shop, because not only do we pride ourselves on creating natural products, we also prioritise accessibility and affordability for everyone. Find out which stores stock Essano products here.


Q. My pump isn’t working. Help!

A. Sometimes our pumps can loosen during transit. Try tightening the pump then push down the nozzle while rotating it to the left. This should unlock the pump lock. If you continue to have difficulty with the pump, please contact us so we can sort this out for you.

Q. Is your packaging recyclable?

We use recyclable materials such as recyclable glass and paper packaging whenever possible, to minimise the impact on the environment.


Q. What should I do if a product gets into my eye?

A. Rinse your eye out immediately with cool water. If, after flushing the eye for 5-10 minutes, you are in discomfort, we suggest seeking medical advice.

Q. What should I do if I have a reaction?

A. We always recommend patch-testing a product 24 hours before you use it for the first time. If you have a reaction, please contact us (and please don’t use the product).

Q. Is the Essano range suitable for vegans?

Products that are free from animal derived ingredients are marked with a icon. Do look out for this icon when you’re browsing our product pages.