A step-by-step routine for radiant skin

This new year, get your glow on with our Vitamin C Brightening skincare range! It’s the perfect range if you want brighter, radiant-looking skin. We have made it super easy to build an entire skincare routine around these products. Read on to find out how!

Step 1: Cleanse every morning and night

It is likely your skin produces more oil in Singapore’s hot weather. The intense heat combined with layers of sunscreen means your skin results in more oil and sebum production compared to cooler climates in other countries.

Switch to a gel cleanser for its gentle foaming action that helps to lift dirt, makeup or sunscreen off your skin better than crème cleansers.

Our Vitamin C Brightening Gel Cleanser is gentle enough, even for dry, irritated or sensitive skin to use without leaving your skin stripped of moisture.

Step 2: Exfoliate several times a week

As you are exposed to so much more in Singapore’s humid climate, you may find that your skin is looking a little dull or congested. Skin exfoliation is your best friend. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells on the topmost layer, and sometimes, this layer of skin needs a helping hand.

Hello exfoliation – by gently scrubbing away those dead skin cells, it can help reveal the newer, smoother layers of skin underneath. Our Vitamin C Brightening Polishing Scrub contains micro-exfoliants which are super, duper fine, gentle and natural enough to use daily (unlike standard exfoliators which you should only use every 2-3 days).

Step 3: Serum up this new year

Serums should be your new favourite must-have skincare product. They are highly concentrated formulas, packing a punch of goodness into your skincare routine. In our newly released Concentrated Serums range, we’ve got 5 new products that’s designed to target that one skin concern you may have.

The best seller from the range is our Advanced Brightening Vitamin C Serum. This contains two types of Vitamin C for dual-effectiveness. Due to the stable nature of Vitamin C in our products, this serum will not make your skin phyto-sensitive and can be used with other essano serums without any worries.

Step 4: Brighten those peepers

The skin around your eyes is a lot more delicate than the rest of your face. Therefore, you should take extra care as the first tell-tale sign if your skin isn’t happy are those heavy eyebags.  Say no to eye-bags!

After your serum, simply dab a small amount of our Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel around your eye contours – that’s under your brow bone (not on your eye lid!), on the outer corners and under your eyes. Use your ring finger as that is the gentlest finger and pat rather than rub.

Another benefit of our Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel is its gel-based formula; ever so lightweight and quick absorbing, it won’t melt off under makeup. 

Step 5: Set up a base with our SPF15 Moisturiser

We don’t have a sunscreen in our range (yet!) but you always need a good base to help protect your skin. Sun protection should be the number 1 thing you do for your skin, especially in sunny Singapore.

Our Vitamin C Brightening SPF15 Moisturiser is a great way to prep your skin for sunscreen. Use as you would a normal moisturiser. that way, if you do miss some spots during your sunscreen application, you have at least some protection.

This moisturiser is also a great product to use on those cloudy days while you spend most of the time indoors. As you are still exposed to harmful UV rays through windows, reach for our SPF15 Moisturiser to nourish and protect your skin on those work-from-home days.




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