Do You Know What's in Your Skincare Products?

With one of the strongest free-from product promises in the world, we guarantee what’s not in ours. We work really hard to ensure that our products only contain active natural and organic ingredients, proven to be safe for you. That’s why we work with Ecocert, the largest cosmetic certification organisation in the world. We’re super proud that Essano is a leader in organic skincare, with one of the highest proportions of certified organic products on offer.

We do know how confusing ingredients and labels can be and how it’s difficult to even pronounce some of the ingredients! And sometimes, the scary-sounding ones aren’t actually bad. So how do you find out what to avoid… without the accompanying chemistry degree? Below is a list of some of the things we always avoid and why:

Parabens – most people know about these now. They are one of the most common toxic ingredients used in beauty products, usually as a preservative. Derived from petrochemicals, parabens have been known to disrupt hormones by mimicking human hormones and have even been found in human breast cancer tissues. No thanks!

Sulphates – these are a well-known skin irritant, also used in household cleaners or car engine degreasers. They are often used in shampoos and other products to cause a foaming effect but they actually strip away your body’s natural moisture which can cause irritation. Our cleansing products are ‘low-foam’ and gentle, much better for your skin.

Phthalates – pronounced without the ‘ph’, try saying ‘thay late’ (just in case you wanted to showcase your beauty knowledge later!). In personal care products such as fragrances, cosmetics and shampoos, phthalates are used to hold or maintain fragrance levels. However, this family of toxic chemicals has been linked to allergies, asthma, infertility and even abnormalities in babies. Absolutely no, thanks!

If you want to find out more, we recommend checking out the Environmental Working Group and the Safe Cosmetics guide

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