Tips from hairdresser to the stars Anthony nader

Any recommendations for people looking to create volume in their hair without causing product build-up?

The best way is by asking your hairstylist to add some long layers throughout your haircut and don’t forget around your face also. Don’t worry – you’re not going to look like Rachel from the 80s’ hit show Friends here ladies, as we’re only after some soft layers that give you that extra oomph and will grow out seamlessly.

What is the No. 1 NO-NO you see women doing with their hair that you just wish they wouldn’t?

Tie up their hair into a tight top-knot and leave it for the day. This just causes stress on the scalp and of course the root area of your hair strands, which then leads to hair breakage. So loosen off the tight top-knot, ladies.

What is the No. 1 hair health tip you would love to see more people doing?

Take in more vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking. Remember, there’s only one you and let’s make the best you as possible.

Why do you like the Essano haircare range?

I think the main reason is that it involves minimal effort and not a lot of fuss. It’s on price point to the consumer who is in the supermarket and needs to grab quality without busting their weekly budget.

How would you describe each of the Hero Ingredient ranges?

ARGAN OIL – For nourishing dehydrated thirsty strands to bring them back to life and I’ve found these goodies work super well on coloured hair.

COCONUT MILK – For targeting hair that has been going ‘beach babe’ and needs extra loving care to bounce back to life. I think this range is my fave and the fragrance reminds me of a summer holiday, sipping cocktails poolside.

KERATIN COMPLEX – This is the main ingredient that makes each hair strand; therefore, it’s why you need to use these bottles for replacing the hair’s life so it has elasticity and well-being again.

How do you recommend using the Argan Hair Recovery Serum?

For best results I always add the serum onto damp hair as this absorbs far better and also your hair doesn’t appear or feel oily... and I mean that’s not a cool look, right?!

L-R: Shane Young, Essano Founder & Ingredient Guru; Anthony Nadar, Hairdresser Extraordinaire; Rachel Morrison, Essano Marketing Chief

What is your top tip for people looking to treat damage from heat styling?

Besides having regular trims every six weeks, invest in a product to protect against the heat. This shields your strands from any heat you use and works wonders. I use this on every client who sits in my chair.

Note: We love using our Argan Hair Recovery Serum prior to heat styling - just a drop or two on the ends of hair has an amazing effect.

We know you’ve been a fan of our natural skincare range since discovering it last year! What’s your current ‘must have’ product?

I started off with your trademark Certified Organic Rosehip Oil as I have got to look after the fine lines on my face that were becoming evident – it feels so much smoother after using the oil! I use this bottle of magic every night before I go to bed. I now have the complete range and mix up my morning and night product regime.

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