Why We Think Natural is Best


It’s thought that adults have over 700 man-made industrial chemicals in our bodies – a horrible thought!
For us, when we consider what we put in and on our bodies we want to try to reduce the chemical load and make sure we are using the most beneficial ingredients we can. And it’s not just what we eat. Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb around 70% of what we put on it, straight into our bloodstream.
So, when it comes to what we put in our products, we only use the most natural and beneficial ingredients as possible. Let’s use a well-known cosmetic product ingredient to highlight our point!
Parabens. Most people will now know to avoid them, but why? Parabens are traditionally used as preservatives, to make various products last longer. They have been found in breast cancer tumours and are known endocrine disruptors, in other words they contribute to hormone imbalance and reproductive disruption. Sounds nasty, and it is. That’s why we don’t use them at all!
Another group of elements we promise to never put in our skincare products are mineral oils which are in thousands of cosmetic and skincare products and used to create a barrier on the skin and lock in moisture. This type of oil is colourless and odourless that’s made from petroleum. Just the thought that it comes as a by-product of making crude oil is enough to make us steer clear but here’s the three key reasons we avoid it at Essano:
  • In the Journal of Women’s Health a 2011 Study indicated that "There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are a contaminant of the human body….” Possible routes of contamination include air inhalation, food intake, and dermal absorption of PAHs possibly contained in some mineral oils.
  • It blocks pores. Mineral oil is 'comedogenic', which means it can clog your pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads - no thanks! And it will block other, beneficial ingredients being absorbed by your skin.
  • It doesn’t deliver anything beneficial to your skin; there are no nutrients in mineral oil.
For Essano, we use a range of amazing, plant-derived oils that are high in essential fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants. Clearly we love Rosehip Oil for its repairing and restorative properties. We combine our Rosehip Oil with Acai Berry Oil and our Body Oil with Pomegranate Oil, both amazing antioxidant-rich oils - perfect for fighting those free radicals to help you love the skin you’re in!
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